Author Topic: S&W 625 Moon Clip Loader  (Read 29 times)

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S&W 625 Moon Clip Loader
« on: May 16, 2019, 05:00PM »
Seems to be only a few companies that make them. TK Custom, CCW Moon Clip loader sold by some by Dillon and BMT Mooner.

The moon clips I have have a hexagon shape on the inside. The Dillion CCW Moon Clip loader is the least expensive but it reads6-shot 45ACP N-frame revolvers AND for Hearthco and Dillon stainless 8-shot 357 moonclips. "The mandrell measures .573" in diameter" I don't know what those look like, if they are round inside or if they are hexagon shaped. The inside diameter of mine measure .586 - 578 " since this is 40 dollars vs  64.95 for TK Custom loader which one will work best for me? Will the Dillon one even work? Seems the moon clip will not go all of the way down. The BMT mooner I saw in action but at 90.00 it's a little to expensive.

What do folks here use?