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RELOADING COURSE - 3/31/18 @ Nassau County Range
« on: March 13, 2018, 05:02PM »

Location : Nassau County Shooting Range : Uniondale, New York

Date / Time : 10:30am March 31st

RELOADING "The Practice That Pays For Itself"

As a shooter gets more involved in this sport, he or she eventually runs into 3 basic problems: Cost, Accuracy and Availability. The solution to all three of these problems is handloading, or as it's more commonly know, reloading.

By having the options of different powders, bullet weight, seating depth and charge weight, a custom bullet built specifically for your firearm can be made, producing accuracy you can't get "off the shelf". An average match grade .308 Winchester bullet can be made for around 45 cents. When compared to top match grade ammunition at a price of $1.50 , a shooter who shoots just 1 box of ammunition a week can expect to save around $1050 the first year. A handgun shooter who shoots just 2 boxes of .45acp a week can expect to save around $1350. That's enough for this course and the best reloading equipment money can buy, TWICE.

Course is Just $155 and includes all materials (Ammo components, NRA handbook) as well as lunch and refreshments.
This course is designed around safety with the constant message that "safe ammo is also accurate ammo".

In the class you will not only receive professional instruction but will setup and operate a press making many popular calibers with safety components.

Calibers will include : .308 Winchester, .45ACP, 9mm Luger, .38 special, .223 Rem (5.56 nato), and .44 magnum. Loading these 6 cartridges covers every style of cartridge on the market.

Learn to make both pistol and rifle ammo. For both revolvers,bolts and semi autos.

Registration and info can be found at :

or call 516 449 0839 for details
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